Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Love Paula Poundstone

I recorded the Paula Poundstone special the other night on Bravo and I'm watching it as I write this. I used to love Paula and then she had all her alcohol problems and I have to say I STILL love Paula Poundstone. In this special she's not afraid to talk about her problems. She's not running and hiding like Mel "I Hate Jews" Gibson. Anyway, she is as funny as they come. If it's on again I highly recommend the special. She is great off the cuff and off the sauce!

This cutie pie on the left is my youngest cat, Punky. Punky is about 3 years old and I got him when I worked for Banfield the Pet Hospital in the PetSmart on Tropicana and Eastern. Believe it or not, he was the answer to a prayer. I was sitting behind the desk on a very slow Sunday, praying that someone would bring in a male kitten they didn't want, because I wanted another kitten. You know, I had 5 cats then and that just wasn't enough. Anyway, I know more than started thinking about it and in came this women with Punky and said "please take my kitty, I can't keep him. I have children who are allergic." I don't know if I believed her, but I knew that Punky was going to be mine. My husband was less than thrilled when I brought him home, but he realizes it was a good decision. He is a good companion to our cat Chickie. I'll tell you about Chickie tomorrow. He's our miracle kitten. See you all tomorrow!

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