Monday, November 20, 2006


Isn't this picture beautiful? I found the artist at this website:
This is a wonderful site by 2 wonderful artists. I wish I had as much talent as they have in just their pinky fingers. I love this woman. It's a great website.

Now I know what they mean by phishing. I received an email today from a bank in Wisconsin that wanted me to take a survey and they would put $20 in my account. I went to the survey site and at the bottom it asked for which credit card/atm card to credit the 20 bucks too. Now, I haven't lived in Wisconsin for over 30 years, so I knew I didn't have an account there, but being short on money I was hoping so. So, instead of filling out the survey, I called the bank. They are the one's who told me this was a phishing scheme! Boy was I glad I called them. I talked to their IT people and forwarded the email to them so they could find them and put a stop to it. I was really close to filling it out, but when it wanted credit card info, I thought there was something wrong. If I had an account in that bank, wouldn't they just put it in my bank? Well, now I understand how easy it is to phish someone's account. How did the person know I was from that area in Wisconsin? On my blog I added my hometown newspaper link yesterday. Maybe from that? Maybe from Anyway, I didn't fall for it and I just keep thinking of how lucky I really am.

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