Sunday, December 31, 2006 Video of Hussein's Execution

Fascinating real video of Saddam Hussein's execution. Very graphic...someone who got what he deserved. Yet...somehow, you almost feel sorry for Hussein...almost. The execution looked almost like a joke..almost. Everyone should see a live execution from time to time.

I don't really have a lot of thoughts about the death of Hussein, but now that he's dead, let's get the hell out of Iraq. Our job is done.

That would be a great New Year's gift to America. All troops home!

Have a safe and wonderful New Year. May 2007 be better for the USA!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas In Las Vegas

Did you hear the "great" news...Michael Jackson has moved to Las Vegas! Just what we need here, another pedophile. Oh well, let's see how long his career here in Sin City lasts. My guess is not long. Tickets for his shows will be a fortune and I hear he's lost his voice. Maybe he'll be back in Bahrain next Christmas.

It was quiet in our apartment this Christmas. We basically all laid around and watched TV. Well, my husband I did, the cats just laid around. They got a can of tuna for Christmas Eve dinner last night, but they didn't really care for it. They liked the water and some of the tuna, but they prefer catfood. Could be that I bought cheap tuna for them. They have to understand, Mom and Dad don't have a lot of money and they have to take what they can get.

My husband gave me the most gorgeous stuffed elephant for Christmas. He's about 3 feet long and is beautiful and realistic looking. I love him. To bad I couldn't afford anything for my dear husband, but hopefully in the New Year, I can buy him a penguin. Adopt one, anyway.

Have a happy holiday season. Doubt if I'll post again this year. See you in 2007!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pieces of My Mind

Okay, just a bunch of junk that's rattling around in my head.

Once again, my husband and I were almost hit tonight by a California driver. Not only once did he almost get us, but twice. Why are Californians such idiots behind the wheel of a car? you know in the cartoons where they saw off California and let it float in the ocean? I wish they would do that for real! I am so sick of California drivers. Have you ever heard of looking in the rear view mirror? How about using a turn signal? Okay, that's out of my system for now.

Sunday was my 54th birthday. What did I do? Cleaned my apartment. It took us almost 12 hours to clean the apartment. We used something like 100 garbage bags to get the joint cleaned up. Yes, my husband and I are pigs. Well, more so my husband. After all, he is disabled and sometimes it's hard for him to bend over and pick stuff up. Still, we don't have to be that bad. We are going to try to be better. I'll let you know how it goes.

Hey, this is kind of how California drivers do it!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Good Bye Nancy

On the way home tonight I stopped at Nathan Adelson Hospice. My friend from work, Nancy, is not expected to live out the night. Nancy went into the hospital this summer to have a hysterectomy. About a week before she was to come back to work she was feeling ill, like she couldn't swallow without throwing up. She told her surgeon and he sent her to her regular doctor because this was not a problem associated with her surgery. Turns out Nancy had small cell carcinoma of the lungs and had metastasized to her liver. Later on it went into her brain as well. She had radiation therapy throughout the summer and the cancer in her brain went away, but the liver caught up with her. Her only hope was to have a liver transplant and it was too late for that too. Nancy is about 62 years old, not all that old. She is the most optimistic person I have ever met. She is/was a lot of fun and very sensible. She just knew that she would outlive her husband who is in poor health and even had plans to move to Florida to be near her friends after he died. Little did she or anyone know that she would be the first to go. When I left her tonight, she was breathing just like my mother did on the day she died. Judging from the way she is breathing, she has about 12 hours left. Seeing her in bed and breathing like that brought all the feelings of my own mother's death 10 years ago.

Nancy, I just want to say I love you and will miss you. You were a great friend and I have missed and will miss you always. Thanks for holding on at least long enough for me to say goodbye. I'll see you on the other side someday, I just hope not too soon. Peace be with you.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Kimberly Williams-Paisley

This beautiful young woman is Kimberly Williams-Paisley. As I am writing this, I am watching the movie "Lucky 7". It stars Kimberly as well as Patrick Dempsey and is just an adorable movie. The reason I am doing this post is kind of hard to explain, but here goes.

My mother used to be a big fan of "Anne of Green Gables", on PBS. She used to say that "Anne" was just the best little girl ever. Whenever I see Kimberly, I think to myself that she is the best little girl ever and I feel close to my mom again. My mother died in 1996, but if she were alive today, I know she would feel the same way about Kimberly as I do and it makes me feel so good. I wanted to email Kimberly to let her know how much she means to me, but I think she'd think I was nuts, so I'm posting to my blog that nobody reads.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Gwen Stefani

I have to post the video of "Wind It Up". I LOVE Gwen Stefani!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I've been reading a lot of entertainment blogs lately. There's something about them that just gets you hooked. I now know more about Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Brit Spears than I EVER wanted to know! Anyway, there is something in most of the blogs that really has me baffled. What is up with using the word, "bitches"?

I am really tired of seeing that word used in almost every blog. Like, what's up bitches, read this, bitches, etc. A bitch is a female dog, period. If I say that I can be a bitch sometime, that's okay, but calling everyone bitches is getting really old! I especially don't like it when there is a thought balloon over a small child and something like whattup bitches is in it. That just doesn't seem appropriate. I've never thought of myself as an old poop, but that word is way over used.

Speaking of words, congratulations to Michael Richards for ruining what was left of his career. There's no way you can come back from that kind of trash talking. Not only has he done himself in, but I won't ever look at the show Seinfeld the same way again. All I can think about when I see "Kramer" is his hate tirade. Nice going, BITCH!

If you're wondering, this is a bunny rabbit. I think someone forgot the softener!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Isn't this picture beautiful? I found the artist at this website:
This is a wonderful site by 2 wonderful artists. I wish I had as much talent as they have in just their pinky fingers. I love this woman. It's a great website.

Now I know what they mean by phishing. I received an email today from a bank in Wisconsin that wanted me to take a survey and they would put $20 in my account. I went to the survey site and at the bottom it asked for which credit card/atm card to credit the 20 bucks too. Now, I haven't lived in Wisconsin for over 30 years, so I knew I didn't have an account there, but being short on money I was hoping so. So, instead of filling out the survey, I called the bank. They are the one's who told me this was a phishing scheme! Boy was I glad I called them. I talked to their IT people and forwarded the email to them so they could find them and put a stop to it. I was really close to filling it out, but when it wanted credit card info, I thought there was something wrong. If I had an account in that bank, wouldn't they just put it in my bank? Well, now I understand how easy it is to phish someone's account. How did the person know I was from that area in Wisconsin? On my blog I added my hometown newspaper link yesterday. Maybe from that? Maybe from Anyway, I didn't fall for it and I just keep thinking of how lucky I really am.

Monday, November 13, 2006


This is the story about my second youngest cat, Chickie. First of all, his name started out as Munchkin. Then I started calling him Munchiekins. After a while it sounded like My Chicken and finally we just started callin him Chickie.

Chickie was found in the garbage. A friend of mine was throwing garbage out and her garbage bag broke. As she was picking up the garbage to throw in the dumpster, she heard a very faint "mew". turns out, someone had tried to strangle him, put him in a box, closed the flaps and threw him in the dumpster in the middle of July. My friend rescued him and he's been ours ever since. Because of his strangulation, little Chickie walks as if he were swimming on dry land. His back legs don't work very well and he can't jump up on things like the other cats, but he sure knows how to use his litter box and that's all that matters to me. He's as sweet as can be. He's also crosseyed and where he was strangled, he doesn't grow any fur. Here's a picture of the poor dear, but he's a great little guy. His best friend is Punky, the gray cat belowe.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Love Paula Poundstone

I recorded the Paula Poundstone special the other night on Bravo and I'm watching it as I write this. I used to love Paula and then she had all her alcohol problems and I have to say I STILL love Paula Poundstone. In this special she's not afraid to talk about her problems. She's not running and hiding like Mel "I Hate Jews" Gibson. Anyway, she is as funny as they come. If it's on again I highly recommend the special. She is great off the cuff and off the sauce!

This cutie pie on the left is my youngest cat, Punky. Punky is about 3 years old and I got him when I worked for Banfield the Pet Hospital in the PetSmart on Tropicana and Eastern. Believe it or not, he was the answer to a prayer. I was sitting behind the desk on a very slow Sunday, praying that someone would bring in a male kitten they didn't want, because I wanted another kitten. You know, I had 5 cats then and that just wasn't enough. Anyway, I know more than started thinking about it and in came this women with Punky and said "please take my kitty, I can't keep him. I have children who are allergic." I don't know if I believed her, but I knew that Punky was going to be mine. My husband was less than thrilled when I brought him home, but he realizes it was a good decision. He is a good companion to our cat Chickie. I'll tell you about Chickie tomorrow. He's our miracle kitten. See you all tomorrow!

Election 2006...Over At Last!

The election is finally over! Negative adds are finally over! Too bad the politicians aren't over.. Negative campaigns just eat at my soul! It made me not want to vote at all this year, but like they say, if you don't vote, you're part of the problem. Yes I voted, and just about no one I voted for was elected. The good thing is the anti-smoking initiative backed by the casino industry went down to defeat. The stronger anti-smoking initiative passed! Good news for all of us non-smokers or former smokers, such as myself. What surprises me the most is that the casinos did NOT have their way in the smoking initiative. Makes me proud, even though I work in a casino. The casinos couldn't buy our vote! I'm proud of my fellow casino employees!

The image above came from

Monday, November 06, 2006

Good Things About Las Vegas

Before moving to Las Vegas, we lived in Columbia, SC. Before that, we lived in New Port Richey, FL. The 2 things those states have in common is that you have to pay a month charge for checking. Good news here in Vegas! Because you can cash a paycheck at a local casino (that is, not on the strip), checking here in Las Vegas is free! That is the major advantage of living here in Vegas.

Of course, we have the casinos and all types of entertainment, but who can afford to go to any show here in town? Ticket prices here are outrageous! Working in a casino, once in a while we get free tickets to shows if they are just starting out. That's the only way I can afford to go to a show. Five years ago I paid to see "O". Those tickets were $100 each!

The other good thing about Las Vegas, if you're a drunk this is the place to live. Free drinks as long as you're playing a slot machine or a table game. You can easily fake playing to get those free drinks. Of course, don't forget to tip. The waitresses have to pay for those "free" drinks. They live on their tips!

Okay, enough ramblings for one night. Not very organized, but it's good to be able to say a few words about where I live.

If you're wondering about the cat in the cup, I just thought he was cute and I would add it to my blog for today.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Idiot? Did Someone Say Idiot?

I guess I'm not as dumb as I thought. I went and took a shower and figured out how to edit the html, so can click on the link and visit Trimoon's great website.

If you are an animal lover (I have 6 cats!) please click on Cute Overload. They have the best pictures of baby animals anywhere. Not just cats and dogs, but hedgehogs, rabbits, mice, you name it. These are my 2 favorite websites right now.

Well, just had to tell you I'm not as dumb as I thought I was.

Blogging Idiot

Okay, I'm a blogging idiot. I want to change one of my links here in the blog, but I can't quite figure it out. I'll try later, but I just wanted everyone to enjoy the Trimoon website. It has to be the best blog on the internet. A little something for everyone, especially if you are interested in art , here is the link I sure hope this works, because this is a great website. Okay, I guess if you want to see this blog you'll have to copy and paste into your browser. Like the title says, I'm a blogging idiot!


Today's Las Vegas rant is about jaywalkers. CANNOT jaywalk in Las Vegas! We run over you just for sport! The traffic is horrendous and walking NOT in crosswalks is NOT good for your health. I don't want to run anyone over, but you have to help me. It's dark here by 5:00 PM. Most of us get out of work then. The traffic is backed up to hell and gone. You step off a curb while we're trying to drive, you do so at your own risk. There is so much traffic to watch, pedestrians are on their own. I expect you at a crosswalk, not as I'm driving down Flamino or Tropicana. Walk the extra steps and go to a crosswalk. I'll be happy and when you come home to your family, they will be happy too.

Traffic Sucks

Traffic sucks here in Las Vegas. We are now in the period of huge conventions, like the SEMA convention this week. I live 2 blocks from the Las Vegas convention center, so I know traffic. Next week it's the professional bull riders coming to town. That is at the Thomas and Mack center, which affects my trip home from work as well. It's 15 minutes to get to work in the morning and more than and hour to get back at night. What's wrong with this picture? All the events are held on the East side of the Strip, and yes, I live on the East side of the strip!

The one thing I have learned since moving here to Las Vegas five years ago is to watch out for people who have California plates! I have never seen such horrid drivers in my life. They are always in teh wrong lane and try to get to the right lane and screw up the traffic, or try to make a left hand turn across 5 lanes of traffic. California drivers suck!