Sunday, November 05, 2006

Traffic Sucks

Traffic sucks here in Las Vegas. We are now in the period of huge conventions, like the SEMA convention this week. I live 2 blocks from the Las Vegas convention center, so I know traffic. Next week it's the professional bull riders coming to town. That is at the Thomas and Mack center, which affects my trip home from work as well. It's 15 minutes to get to work in the morning and more than and hour to get back at night. What's wrong with this picture? All the events are held on the East side of the Strip, and yes, I live on the East side of the strip!

The one thing I have learned since moving here to Las Vegas five years ago is to watch out for people who have California plates! I have never seen such horrid drivers in my life. They are always in teh wrong lane and try to get to the right lane and screw up the traffic, or try to make a left hand turn across 5 lanes of traffic. California drivers suck!

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